Ryan Reynolds Reveals How His New-Born Baby Got Him and Blake Lively in a “Litigation Battle” Because of the ‘Name’

Ryan Reynolds Reveals How His New-Born Baby Got Him and Blake Lively in a “Litigation Battle” Because of the ‘Name’

The Merc with a Mouth has a great sense of humor and so does Ryan Reynolds. The Canadian actor is famous for his acting skills along with his creative humor. He often uses this attribute of his to answer questions, be it about his personal life or professional. This time, the father of four revealed the most hilarious name for his newborn.

The most-romantic couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, shared the news of the newborn just a day before Valentine’s Day. Since then, a lot of excitement and curiosity is circling around the gender and the name of the fourth baby. While the Deadpool actor and the Gossip Girl star are keeping their private lives private, recently, Reynolds opened up about it. As reported by Mirror, the 46-year-old actor attended Just For Laughs London at London’s O2 Arena and revealed what they call their newborn.

Rob Delaney and the Vancouver-born actor talked about many things, including the arrival of the fourth one to the family. While Reynolds entertained the audience with his hilarious humor, he also joked about the name of the newborn. He revealed Lively and he called their daughter Cocaine Bear.

Cocaine Bear is a comedy horror film and thus, it created a surprising yet funny effect on the audience. The actor also jokingly said they picked the name even before the release of the movie and were “involved in a litigation battle now.

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While hinting at the gender of the baby, the actor also talked about considering a vasectomy. This was certainly not the first time Reynolds talked about his family with a hint of humor; in fact, he does it often and at every chance he can get.

Ryan Reynolds often jokes about almost everything

Did you know the father of four talked about being ready to change the diapers when Lively was pregnant with the fourth baby? The actor talked about fatherhood in the most hilarious way possible. He even joked about his house becoming a zoo after the arrival of the newest member of the family.

The power couple already had 3 daughters. James is the eldest (8 years), Inez (6 years), and the little one, Betty (3 years), who just got a promotion from being the youngest. Interestingly enough, James and the newborn share a surprising similarity in their birth. While fans saw James with her father at the Wrexham AFC match recently, they were also waiting to know more about the newborn.

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