Ryan Reynolds Once Turned Down Role in Joss Whedon’s Long Running Drama Due to THIS Reason

Ryan Reynolds Once Turned Down Role in Joss Whedon’s Long Running Drama Due to THIS Reason

Life is filled with tremendous opportunities, but it’s up to you to select the right ones for you. This is highly applicable in the case of film stars; some try to grab as many offers as possible, whereas some act smart and try to choose what will suit them the most. One such case involves the famous Canadian-American actor Ryan Reynolds.

This story goes back to the time when Ryan was at the beginning stages of his career. Back then, he turned down a huge offer from his dear friend Joss Whedon. But why?

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What was the offer that Ryan Reynolds rejected?

Ryan Reynolds began his career as an actor in Canadian teen dramas. He gained huge popularity by playing a high school teenager in shows like Hillside (also known as Fifteen) and Two Guys and a Girl. As he began his career in Hollywood, he was offered the role of yet another high school guy in the famous late-90s drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And not just any role; it was one of the lead roles of Xander Harris from the show, which Nicholas Brendon later played. The character of Xander was one of the show’s closest friends.

Harris was one of the few non-superpowered yet essential characters in the program. He later rose to prominence despite lacking any special skills or capability to fight demonic forces. If Reynolds had agreed to play Harris, it would have given him a huge jump in his career.

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But the 46-year-old actor straightaway said no to the show’s creator, Joss Whedon. That is because he did not want to create an image of himself as an actor who only plays high school teens in films or shows.

The Free Guy actor said that he does not regret turning down that role. He also mentioned that he does not even regret getting beat up by his next-door neighbor in elementary school. According to Fandom Wire, Ryan said, “All these things led me to where I am. It builds character.”

The Canadian American sweetheart made a bold decision that helped him in the long run. Just imagine what would have happened if he had taken that role.

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