Ryan Reynolds Once Shared How Working With Director Michael Bay on ‘6 Underground’ Surprised Him

Ryan Reynolds Once Shared How Working With Director Michael Bay on ‘6 Underground’ Surprised Him

Ryan Reynolds has had the chance to work with some of the best existing directors in the world. And one of the directors with whom he absolutely loved working was Michael Bay. The two worked together in an action thriller 6 UndergroundThe Deadpool actor is quite famous for being funny and a very similar film genre, but his second-best forte is the action genre. And hence, working at 6 Underground was a great experience for him.

When the film came out in the year 2019, the Red Notice actor explained to Collider that his experience of working with Bay was very unusual. He was surprised watching Bay himself shoot the scene with his green camera. The 46-year-old also mentioned that nobody on the set had any idea about what was going on, including the presence of the director on the set, and all at once there was a rush where Bay came out of nowhere and started putting people in place.

After the release of the film, Reynolds, along with his costars Corey Hawkins, and Melanie Laurent, did an interview with Collider’s Steve Weintraub, in which they talked about various aspects of shooting with the Transformers director. What else did they say about him?

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What else did Ryan Reynolds say about Michael Bay?

The Canadian-American actor acknowledged the fact that nobody has the vision that Bay has for shooting his films. And while he sees everything in his head, everybody else has no idea what he is thinking; all they do is just show up to the set. “You just had to surrender,” is what the Free Guy actor said when he explained what happens when Michael Bay appears on the set.

The actors of 6 Underground even spoke about the famous, spine-chilling car chase in the film, which was one of its kind. They said that it was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that they will never forget. Also, the chaos they caused while filming that scene made them believe that they will never be allowed by the town of Florence in Italy to shoot anything.


Although the film performed averagely at the box office, it was a big-time treat for action-thriller lovers. It is an absolute Michael Bay classic that will make you drop your jaws at one point.

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