Ryan Reynolds Once Had to ‘walk that thin line’ While Prepping For His Role in ‘Free Guy’

Ryan Reynolds Once Had to ‘walk that thin line’ While Prepping For His Role in ‘Free Guy’

Nothing comes for free in anyone’s life. Whatever we achieve and boast about requires hard work and has a toll. May it be normal citizens or globally acclaimed movie stars, the story remains the same. The current man in the hall of fame, Ryan Reynolds, has rightfully proved the above.

The star has a huge list of movies available on various streaming platforms that speak about his strength as an actor. From filming high-rated action sequences to shooting comedy and adventurous series, Ryan has done it all. Last year in an interview, the star talked about how he had to schedule his 24 hours for a film.

Ryan Reynolds speaks about the boundaries that he had to draw with himself for his profession

For his then-upcoming film called Free Guy, Ryan had to maintain a regime and limit many of his interests to come up with flying colors in the movie. The actor was a bit too immersed in the world of Fortnight to give up on that for a while. “It’s so much fun that I could easily see myself blowing off walking the kids to school and jumping into some Fortnite instead. I had to walk that fine line between research and being a parent and husband,” said Ryan to BBC.

Action-comedy film Free Guy sees Ryan Reynolds break free of his programming as a video game non-player character. The movie required him to be literate in the gaming world. However, he also had to take care of the deep rabbit holes that came along. One slippery slope and everything falls apart, for these games go synonymous with addictions.

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According to him, it is possible to be very creative when you are doing a video game adaptation. However, he explains in the interview that you are never completely unshackled. As a result, Free Guy came out to be an immensely watchable comedy due to the excellent cast’s ingenuity in concept.

Director Shawn Levy found the perfect leading man in Ryan Reynolds. He nails as the NPC in a sprawling video game and becomes an AI program that goes rogue. The movie is infused with witty, self-aware humor supporting performers like Jodie Comer, Lil Rey Howery, and Joe Keery.

What do you think of Ryan’s close call to addiction to Fortnight during his research for Free Guy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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