Ryan Reynolds Once Gave ‘Game of Thrones’ Heartthrob Emilia Clarke the Most Astounding Birthday Gift Ever

Ryan Reynolds Once Gave ‘Game of Thrones’ Heartthrob Emilia Clarke the Most Astounding Birthday Gift Ever

Ryan Reynolds is an exceptional actor. He is talented, funny, and charismatic. Likewise, Emilia Clarke is also an excellent actress and has starred in many iconic roles over the years. However, there is one thing common between these two celebrities. Apart from being great actors and starring in various popular movies and shows, the two also share their birthdays. Both the actors are Scorpios and celebrate their birthdays on October 23rd. However, Ryan was not too excited about sharing his birthday with another fellow actor. So, the Deadpool actor gave Emilia a birthday gift she would not forget.

Ryan, as we all know, is one of the funniest celebrities. Over the years, he has made us laugh with his pranks, memes on fellow co-stars, and with his interviews as well. So what did the Merc with a mouth gift the Mother of Dragons on their birthday? Let us find out.

Ryan Reynolds gave an unforgettable birthday gift to Emilia Clarke

October 23rd was the day we were gifted two great actors: Ryan Reynolds and Emilia Clarke. Apparently, the former wasn’t so pleased about sharing birthdays. It all began when the Deadpool actor’s production company, Maximum Effort Productions, wished Emilia Clarke a happy birthday on Twitter before sending a birthday message to the Free Guy actor. Ryan, being the witty guy he is, took this opportunity to troll his birthday twin, The Mother of Dragons.

In response to the birthday tweet for Emilia, Ryan replied, “So sorry. I moved her birthday this year. It was feeling a little crowded for me.”

Moreover, on the follow-up tweet, the Merc with a Mouth gifted the Me Before You actress a perfect birthdate, February 29th. February 29th, as we know, occurs once in four years. However, despite presenting such an astounding birthday gift to Clarke, Reynolds failed to get her attention, as the actress did not respond to either of his tweets. But that did not stop him. The Deadpool actor even took to his Instagram stories and tagged the actress to remind her of her new birthdate.

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Sadly, it was too late, as Clarke enjoyed her birthday to the fullest. The Game of Thrones actress seemed to have a great time celebrating her birthday by skydiving. The actress also shared pictures on her Instagram.

How did Ryan celebrate his birthday?

While Clarke was out skydiving, Ryan celebrated his birthday with his wife, Blake Lively, who celebrated by baking a pie. Not a cake, a pie. Well, just another instance of the hilarious couple making fun of each other.

Interestingly, September is almost over, so it is not too long before Ryan and Emilia’s birthday. What do you think Reynolds will do this time to get Emilia’s attention? Let us know in the comments below.

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