Ryan Reynolds Might Just Swoop Matt Oswalt’s New Year’s Resolution “Right From Under Him”

Ryan Reynolds Might Just Swoop Matt Oswalt’s New Year’s Resolution “Right From Under Him”

Do you remember the lady from the AT&T commercials, the one who became a synonym for all the telecom salespersons out there? Well, the favorite salesperson from AT&T commercials might soon work with Ryan Reynolds, as claimed by internet experts.

A person may not recall the name of the person who invented the mobile phone, but they will defiantly recall Lily Adams from AT&T commercials who sells it. Apparently, Adams, who is also known as the lady from AT&T commercials, was part of comedian Matt Oswalt’s only New Year’s resolution. But now it seems like his resolution is seeking threats from Ryan Reynolds.

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What does Ryan Reynolds have to do with Lily Adams?

According to Tech Crunch, Ryan Reynolds bought a majority stake in Mint Mobiles, one of the cheapest mobile plan providers, in 2019. This company offers a $15 monthly plan, which is comparatively cheaper than the other telecom companies out there.

On the other hand, Milana Vayntrub aka Lily Adams has been the face of AT&T for a very long time. People have got habitual of her face and the commercials she has been in. She seemed cute yet annoying to people after a long time, but either way, she had been stuck in their heads forever.

One of the people who has had enough of these advertisements was comedian Matt Oswalt. He tweeted his New Year’s Resolution, saying that his resolution for the year 2023 is to make the girl from the At&T commercials, aka Lily Adams, switch to Verizon. He said that as a joke since Adams seems very loyal to AT&T in the ads.

Little did he know that Imposter actor Morty Coyle had the perfect response ready for him. Coyle responded to Oswalt that no matter how hard he tries, Ryan Reynolds will get her to switch to Mint Mobiles.

Preventing Miss Adams from switching to Verizon and instead convincing her to join Mint Mobile is very easy for Ryan Reynolds for two obvious reasons. The first is that Mint Mobile has way cheaper plans than Verizon, and the second is, well, he is, after all, Ryan Reynolds. It is hard to say no to him. The Deadpool actor even shared this on his Instagram story.

While, Coyle was joking, who knows, we might soon see Miss Adams in Mint Mobile commercials.

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