Ryan Reynolds Leaves Fans in Awe, as He Shares the ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Soundtrack by Giosuè Greco

Ryan Reynolds Leaves Fans in Awe, as He Shares the ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Soundtrack by Giosuè Greco

From pitching a film to getting into a pub, Ryan Reynolds along with Rob McElhenney has covered a long way to owning Wrexham AFC. Both Hollywood celebrities did not know a single thing about football, nor did they have experience working with each other. Nevertheless, both actors joined hands and bought the third-oldest professional football club. While the actors have documented their journey in a documentary titled Welcome to Wrexham, the Canadian actor left fans in awe as he gave a shout-out to Giosuè Greco.

From Hollywood to Wales, from theaters to the football ground, celebrities have become famous for the way they have handled the transition. And if you are a fan of the football club and the documentary, here is some good news for you. Welcome to Wrexham recently released the soundtrack album on various digital platforms. The Deadpool actor posted the title track on his Twitter while giving a shout-out to the creator of the album, Giosuè Greco.

The soundtrack album is available on Amazon, Spotify, Apple, and other digital platforms. While the actor gave a shout-out, he also praised the work of the artist. He wrote in his caption, “#WelcomeToWrexham soundtrack will transport you to Wales.” The track is an instrumental 3 minutes and 52 seconds piece. While listening to the soundtrack, it transports you to Wales, and fans can not stop gushing over it.

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The duo took over the control of Wrexham AFC in November 2020. Since then, both co-owners of the club have made a special place in the hearts of the Welsh people. As the Deadpool actor announced the release of the soundtrack, fans expressed their excitement about it.

Fans appreciate Ryan Reynolds and the new soundtrack album

Some fans appreciated the music that came around St. David’s Day and expressed their excitement for listening to the song. Others expressed how much they loved the track. They said they could play it the entire day and would not get bored.

While fans are showing their love for the documentary and the soundtrack, have you listened to it yet? If not, stream the soundtrack now. Tell us, are you also a Wrexham AFC fan? Have you watched Welcome to Wrexham? Feel free to share your opinions about the documentary with us in the comment box below.

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