Ryan Reynolds Join Hands With the Remington Group Poised to Make a Bid for Ottawa Senators

Ryan Reynolds Join Hands With the Remington Group Poised to Make a Bid for Ottawa Senators

Ryan Reynolds has long been interested in being part of a consortium to purchase the Senators. The word instantly spread that the proud co-owner of Wrexham AFC wishes to contribute to his homeland, although at that time, he was facing a major roadblock and needed some help with the acquisition. However, it seems the problem has now been resolved, and he is once again topping the list of contenders.

Reports have revealed that Reynolds has joined hands with the Remington Group to make a bid for Ottawa Senators.

Ryan Reynolds teams up with Toronto developer to buy Ottawa Senators 

Postmedia’s Bruce Garrioch has recently revealed that Ryan Reynolds has partnered with the Remington Group for a potential Senators bid. The Ottawa Sun reports say that the president of this real estate company has joined hands with several partners to buy the team.

It is believed that the Remington Group will lead the campaign, but the Deadpool actor would be the face of the team if they crack it. The 46-year-old will also hold an essential place in decision-making for the future of this club.

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Not just that, the Buried star is also planning to make a documentary series on the purchase and development of the new club. Fans can expect something much similar to Welcome to Wrexham, currently streaming on Disney Plus.

The Canadian star is already a favorite bidder for the purchase 

A gambling website stated last month, Ryan Reynolds is the favorite bidder for Senators. The actor was listed as the Favorite at +240 followed by Toronto businessman Michael Andlauer placed at +245.

Not to mention, Reynolds has already charmed the NHL’s Gary Bettman when they met in December. Following which, the commissioner made a public statement that he wanted the Red Notice star involved in the purchase no matter who gets the deal. According to him, the People’s Icon would bring popularity and help the team flourish on the international platform.

Although fans are excited about this talented star to be the potential buyer of Ottawa Senators, competition is still high. The team is currently valued at $655 million, but the sale is expected to go upwards of $800 million.

What do you think? Do you want to see Ryan Reynolds owning another sports team?

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