Ryan Reynolds Inspires Reese Witherspoon to Invest in One of Premier League’s Greatest Teams and It Is Not Manchester United

Ryan Reynolds Inspires Reese Witherspoon to Invest in One of Premier League’s Greatest Teams and It Is Not Manchester United

Hollywood and their love for sports is not unknown to the masses. Time and again, we have witnessed a plethora of Hollywood celebrities attending various sports events and matches. While some enjoy being on the sidelines to support their favorite teams, others prefer sitting in the owner’s box. As we all know, a number of renowned stars including Ryan Reynolds and Natalie Portman own their own teams. But is Reese Witherspoon also joining the bandwagon?

Ever since Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over the reins of Wrexham AFC, the duo went all in to promote their club. Both the stars are often spotted in the stands cheering the club during their matches. In fact, the Deadpool actor was recently trolled by his wife for his anxious and invested presence at Wrexham’s recent match. And it seems like, Reynolds’ enthusiasm and love for the sport has influenced a number of other celebrities as well. Recently, Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon also revealed her interest to invest in one of Premier Leagues’ greatest teams.

Reese Witherspoon to follow Ryan Reynolds’ footsteps?

It might surprise you to know but Reese Witherspoon is a huge soccer geek. The 46-year-old actress recently revealed that she is a huge fan of the North London club Arsenal. However, she is not just an average fan. Witherspoon during her latest interview revealed that she would love to invest in the football club. Interestingly, not just Witherspoon but her entire family are big time fan of the Gooners.

While promoting her upcoming Netflix film Your Place or Mine with Ashton Kutcher on BBC The One Show the host asked Witherspoon if she would consider owning a soccer club in UK like Reynolds’ to which the actress replied, “Well if there’s space at Arsenal, all my sons, everybody would be really, really excited.”  Following that, the Legally Blonde star admitted that the idea of investing in the club was exciting to her. Proving to be a true Arsenal fan, Witherspoon exclaimed, “That’s our favorite team.”

Meanwhile, Aston Kutcher did not hold back either. The actor admitted that he was “very close” to investing in a Premier League club previously. However, the Two And Half Men star avoided taking any names. Furthermore, it seems like the soccer craze in Hollywood is real. Not long ago, the Creed actor Michael B. Jordan invested in football club Bournemouth and is a part owner of the team, as reported by Bleacher Report.

Witherspoon and Kutcher to return with Your Place Or Mine

While the duo contemplate about their football club purchases, Witherspoon and Kutcher will soon share screen in Netflix’s romcom, Your Place Or Mine. The film will revolve around the life of Debbie and Peter who are now best friends but once were one night stands for each other. Years later, sparks seem to fly between the friends. Your Place Or Mine is all set to premier worldwide on 10th February 2023, just in time for Valentine’s dates.

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Are you excited for the movie? Do you think Witherspoon will end up buying Arsenal? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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