Ryan Reynolds’ Hunt for New Add-ons In ‘Deadpool 3’ Continues, as The Star Now Wants James Marsden and Halle Berry

Ryan Reynolds’ Hunt for New Add-ons In ‘Deadpool 3’ Continues, as The Star Now Wants James Marsden and Halle Berry

Ryan Reynolds has been persistent in news headlines these days for his upcoming movie Deadpool 3. The star broke the internet with his recent updates about the cast and plot development and add-ons to his movie. After the news of Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine in the movie, Ryan has now caused another stir in social media by stating his demand for two more Hollywood A-listers. Do you know who they are? 


Reynolds wishes to bring in more X-Men movie stars for his upcoming movie. To kick Deadpool 3 up a notch, the star is now looking to include Scott Summers and Ororo Munro in the film. Here is what the reports said. 

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Ryan Reynolds and his expansion of the Deadpool 3 cast

According to Giant Freakin Robot, the Deadpool star has now made up his mind to include original X-Men stars James Marsden and Halle Berry. If at all it happens, they would play the same signature role of Cyclops and Storm, respectively, in the film. As Ryan has successfully got Hugh Jackman in, this does not seem like a distant dream. 

However, no official confirmation about the same has come yet. After his recent back-to-back updates about sharing the screen with Wolverine, there have been no further engagements. The movie is in its initial production stages. Ryan and the filmmakers are yet to give us an entire list of confirmed cast members.

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As news of the X-men reunion surfaces, the internet is eagerly waiting for Reynolds’ further official confirmations. If this dream of Marvel fans comes true, it would mark the first-ever reunion of the legendary cast since 2014. The four superstars were last seen together in a movie of the X-Men franchise, called Days of Future Past.

This is the first time a Deadpool movie has been produced by Marvel Studios instead of Disney. Hence, owing to their sudden decisions the movie is reportedly delayed by several months. This further increases Ryan’s chances of incorporating as many X-Men characters as he wants. 

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What do you think about Ryan’s decision? Do you think the star’s wish would come true? Comment your thoughts below.

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