Ryan Reynolds Goes Gaga Over the Massive Wrexham FC Upset, Jokes About Security Shoving Paul Mullin Away

Ryan Reynolds Goes Gaga Over the Massive Wrexham FC Upset, Jokes About Security Shoving Paul Mullin Away

It seems like the massive upset by Ryan Reynolds-owned football club, Wrexham FC, has sent the Deadpool mercenary on cloud nine. 7 January 2023 marked the historical win of the Dragons defeating Coventry City by a striking win of 4-3. Entering into the FA Cup fourth round with a ‘cries-in-a-call-way’ attitude, they have shattered all the conventional pearls of wisdom, re-installing a ray of hope and faith both in themselves and in their fans.

Their big win not only left the club co-owner “speechless” but gave him all the valid reasons to be boastful about his boys. And guess what? The Adam Project actor is doing it in the most fantastic way possible. From throwing some dad jokes here and there to spilling fluent sarcasm, Reynolds is perhaps making sure that this euphoric feeling is plainly made known to the entire world. Following the cue of his social media (entirely valid) exaggerations, the Canadian actor posted a story on his Instagram handle, and well; you know it is the Ryan Reynolds! He unsurprisingly rode us on the transports of delight.

Be it a football victory or a box office hit, Ryan Reynolds never forgets to splash a few colors of sarcasm

Notably, it is nearly a quarter of a century since the Welsh club pushed itself beyond its limit and left the world in utter shock with yet another dramatic high-scoring victory. They apparently defeated the English team belonging to the third tier in their home ground, and the Green Lantern actor has not been able to curtain off his jubilation from the world ever since.

In his recent Instagram (@vancityreynolds) story, the Aviation Gin owner posted a reel in which a security guard was shoving the Dragon, Paul Mullin, away to the ground. Reynolds hilariously captioned it with a perfect hint of sarcasm“pretty sure that’s my Aunt Vera, who used to read me her favorite bedtime story: ‘You Will Never Be Good Enough’.”

You can have a look at the entire clip below:

For th unversed, Mullin plays at the forward position for the team who also scored the resulting penalty after one of the Coventry defenders played a foul. And well, this is just the beginning, and the Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney co-owned Welsh club will certainly soar higher and higher, pulling off a plethora of gold-like material for the FX documentary.

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