Ryan Reynolds Goes Gaga Over Social Media for His Favorite K-Pop Idol Bang Chan on His Birthday

Ryan Reynolds Goes Gaga Over Social Media for His Favorite K-Pop Idol Bang Chan on His Birthday

And Ryan Reynolds fanboying has reached some new levels! It’s a well-known fact that Ryan is a huge kpop fan, especially Stray Kids. The man is utterly devoted to the group giving them a shoutout for their upcoming album and even taking part in their fan contests! He had plenty of interactions with the group’s leader, Bang Chan. 

But his love for the group hasn’t gone unnoticed. The fandom has equally accepted him and his crazy antics. When the Deadpool star was frustrated with the football league not granting his team, Wrexham AFC to stream their matches internationally, it was the Stray Kids’ supporters that came to his aid. So it wasn’t a surprise that the Canadian was one of the first to celebrate Bang Chan’s birthday and in a hilarious way! 

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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan receives a hilarious birthday wish from Ryan Reynolds 

On October 3 Bang Chan turned 25 and Ryan Reynolds amusingly wished him. The funniest guy in Hollywood uploaded a snippet of Free Guy where he is seen exiting a door. Once he steps out, he squints, and then he puts on the glasses.

Immediately, a hologram Bang Chan shows up dancing to The Weeknd’s hit title, Blinding Lights. Ryan’s production house and digital marketing agency Maximum Effort shared the hilarious video on their social handles. They even added a clever caption: “Celebrating an important birthstay.” For the unversed, this is a pun on the fandom’s name Stay.  Well if you have seen his Aviation gin commercials, this clip should not come as a surprise! 

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The Canadian-born had struck up a friendship with the Korean star when he performed a Deadpool-inspired performance on a reality show. Recently, the actor even took part in the annual Stay Selca day. He posted a selfie of himself set to Stray Kids’ Red Light as the background music! 

We are waiting to see Chan’s reaction, are you? Tell us in the comments below!

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