Ryan Reynolds Asks John Legend About His Favorite Collaborator

Ryan Reynolds Asks John Legend About His Favorite Collaborator

Ryan Reynolds took out some time from coaching his Wrexham team and prepping for Deadpool 3, to drop a question for John Legend. No matter how big of a star Ryan is, he is still a bigger fan of Legend. The Deadpool star is juggling too many things at the moment: He’s an entrepreneur, an actor, and a marketer and he’s slaying all of those roles. 

John Legend is no less. The musical sensation is now reported to come back as the Judge on The Voice. Recently, the singer-songwriter guested on Elle UK’s Ask Me Anything The Celebrity Edition, and Reynolds had a question.

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Ryan Reynolds is curious about John’s favorite collaborator during his career 

The actor was the first to ask a question to Legend. Through a prerecorded video, Ryan Reynolds first greeted the singer before joking that they don’t hang out ever. And then followed it up with his question about his favorite person to collaborate with. Surprisingly, John was quick to mention Kanye West’s name. The two recently had a fallout over Kanye’s political stances and don’t share the same close bond that they used to before. 

“I’ve made the most music with Kanye West and we’ve made some records that we are very proud of,” said John. 

He further noted that collaboration with Pisces especially helped define his voice and establish his career early on. In fact, a lot of their early collaborations were part of the friends’ group. John first met the rapper after his roommate, who is also Kanye’s cousin, introduced the two of them.

Their friendship grew, and he signed to West’s GOOD Music and released Get Lifted in 2004. The album entered the top ten Billboard 200 and got eight nominations at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Over the years, they released many more songs together: Number One, Blame Game, It’s Over, Used to Love U, etc. 

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“I also have some good records with Rick Ross,” John noted. They produced Who Do We Think We Are, GOD DID, Magnificent, Rounds, etc., and also worked on DJ Khaled’s record together. 

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