Ryan Reynolds’ Animated Face Has Made Him a Meme Again, and He Is Enjoying It

Ryan Reynolds’ Animated Face Has Made Him a Meme Again, and He Is Enjoying It

Ryan Reynolds has become one of the top celebrity memes thanks to his animated facial expressions. The rollercoaster of emotions that he felt at the fourth round of the FA Cup was evident on his face. And fans could not help but click snaps of his facial expressions from every angle possible. Who better than his fans to troll him? 

The actor clearly agrees that he does make a good meme template! Reynolds had flown to the UK to attend the fourth round of the famous FA Cup to witness the match between Wrexham and Sheffield United. The match was indeed intense, with a lot of twists and turns.

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Ryan Reynolds’ fans troll him for his reactions and the meme king is not salty about it

For fans, the match between the two English football clubs was not the focus. It was the Canadian’s hilarious expressions that caught their attention. A fan recently tweeted a bunch of his reaction pictures. Ryan Reynolds noticed the tweet and retweeted it with a laughing emoji. Mr. Funny surely approves the post! 

Ryan’s team Wrexham AFC made history when it drew a 3-3 with Sheffield United. The club has shown incredible progress ever since the Deadpool star and Rob McElhenney took over it. The match was obviously not between two equals as the fifth-tier team was pitted against the much higher Sheffield United. However, Wrexham put up a really good fight on the field. 

While the scoreboard didn’t look good for Wrexham in the first half, they managed the course of the field in the second half, taking a lead 2-1. Paul Mullin made it 3-2 with a goal in the 86th minute. However, Sheffield United denied the Wales team a win, as it equaled the score at the last minute. A replay match will take place on February 7.

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But it was not just the fans that were following every twitch in Ryan’s face. His wife Blake Lively, who was following the match from home, also poked fun at him. The mother of three teased her husband about his anxiety disorder getting worse during the match. 

Are you ready for another montage of Ryan’s hilarious reaction memes when the replay airs? Let us know in the comments. 

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