Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Bring Kings of Leon to Celebrate the Biggest Welsh Festival of St. David’s Day

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Bring Kings of Leon to Celebrate the Biggest Welsh Festival of St. David’s Day

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the owners of Wrexham AFC, have been doing a lot to fit into the Welsh community. Because Hollywood celebrities own the third oldest professional football club, they want to honor the community along with their team. The celebrities have already won the hearts of the people. However, once again, to celebrate the biggest Welsh festival, St. David’s Day, the owners of the club bring an American Band to the Racecourse Ground.

Recently, on their social media handles, the Deadpool actor and McElhenney shared a video announcing the celebration of St. David’s Day. The American giants said, “St. David’s Day is a huge deal in Wales,” and went on to talk about how they would celebrate the day. They announced that the rock band Kings of Leon will play to celebrate the big day in Wales, with their song playing in the background. Moreover, they also announced who would play the opening act. It is none other than Wrexham’s own Declan Swans.

“Oh, my gosh! They’re gonna sing our song,” said the Deadpool actor excitedly as McElhenney announced the pre-sale of the tickets.

While the Welsh people are extremely excited about the celebration, why is it a big deal for the owners to make it huge?

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Why is it a huge deal for Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney?

This is not the first time that the owners of the club have done something for the Welsh community. However, St. David’s Day is indeed a big deal because St. David was the greatest figure in the 6th century, the Welsh Age of Saints. He founded scores of religious communities. Moreover, he was the only native-born patron saint in British countries and Ireland. Therefore, to honor St. David and his teachings, people celebrate the day and be merry.

After the Hollywood giants took control of the Wrexham Association Football Club, they documented their journey. Welcome to Wrexham is the documentation of them taking a big step of entering into a new field. From knowing nothing about the game and the community to winning the Dragon Award, the owners have come a long way.

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While the Welsh community is eagerly waiting for the celebration with Wrexham AFC, what are your thoughts about this? Share your opinions with us in the comment box below.

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