Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman “go international” in ‘Deadpool 3’ Trailer, a Fan’s Multiverse Madness

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman “go international” in ‘Deadpool 3’ Trailer, a Fan’s Multiverse Madness

Anticipation for the upcoming Deadpool 3 is running high. Ryan Reynolds had pushed for a solo Deadpool movie when the production houses were reluctant to. But his efforts paid off. It introduced to the world one of the best comedic action heroes and one of the first R-rated superhero films. Fans were already expecting a third sequel since the first two movies did exceedingly well. But what they did not expect was Hugh Jackman coming back as Wolverine in the third installment!

Although Marvel has not released any trailer yet, an eager fan has already made one. If not the real one, at least you can still get your Wolverine and Deadpool fix with this fan-made trailer!

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Logan and Wade get ready for action in this fan-made trailer of Deadpool 3 set to Bee Gees Staying Alive

Logan and Wade first shared screen space in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Now in the latest trailer, a fan imagines the dynamic these two will have when they reunite again for the threequel. The Deadpool 3 trailer opens with the groovy Staying Alive from Bee Gees. It is just the perfect score to set the tone for this wild, madcap superhero action-adventure movie.

Logan is astounded to find that Wade Wilson is still up to such hijinks. And Wade only wants to “soar high.” The Merc with the mouth tells Logan that this time they are “going International.” Once again, after 2017’s Logan, the claws are out, while Wade being Wade does a skydive. Hilariously, the fan names the sequel: Deadpool f**ks the Multiverse.

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Ryan first broke the news about Hugh’s return in October. Despite retracting his claws in 2017, Hugh wanted to reprise the role again after Ryan’s pitch. So as not to mess with the current Marvel timeline, the story will take place in another timeline. 

Deadpool is still in production and is not slated for release anytime soon. In fact, the release was postponed and is now going to release on 8th November 2024

For a fanmade video, the clip nails the fun tone of the earlier films. The only thing missing was Wilson’s one-liners and insults. But we will get plenty of that once the actual taser launches, right? 


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