Ryan Reynolds and His New Business Partner Make a $24K Donation Girl’s Cancer Fund

Ryan Reynolds and His New Business Partner Make a $24K Donation Girl’s Cancer Fund

World-renowned actors, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have had quite a well-established mutual business for a couple of years now. The duo purchased the fifth-tier Welsh soccer club Wrexham AFC back in 2020. This news came to light when the FX show premiered last month this year. Owing to their future goals and business deals, the duo seems to last way longer than just a football club ownership. Their contract took an emotional turn when the duo donated a whopping amount of $24K in total to a little girl who’s diagnosed as a cancer patient.

Cancer is one of the most dreading diseases faced by mankind. Millions lose their lives to this disease as not everyone can afford the treatment. Some just turn lucky enough to have a bleak chance at speedy treatment through genuine help.

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Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney donate $24K to a cancer patient

One little girl named Aria, at the mere age of four is facing such a situation. She’s afflicted with a terminal brain tumor and a huge wave of misfortune. Her medication, ONC201, costs £3000 which puts her family in a tight financial situation. She has received radiotherapy but has lost her ability to walk and can no longer use her left side.

Family members were surrounded by grief due to the grim situation, and it had been draining parents emotionally and financially as well. The silver linings to the dark stormy clouds were not appearing. Just then Ryan Rodney Reynolds and Robert McElhenney stumbled upon the struggles undergone by the little girl. It was proved then that it wasn’t only their sense of humor that was hearty, their kindness was as well. They both decided to pitch in £10k each, making a donation of £20k total. The donation helped the family in completing the total cost of the £60k treatment and took it beyond an additional £3k as well.

Their tales of kindness doesn’t end

Tears of happiness rolled down the mother’s face as her little girl got an opportunity to fight against Cancer. This isn’t just goodwill for the girl but definitely serves as a blessing for the actors in their future endeavours as well. However, this isn’t the only act of kindness by the Hollywood stars.

Earlier this year, the actors donated £10K to a charity fundraising page after the shocking death of a player’s child. The donation was made to a GoFundMe page set up by midfielder Jordan Davies and his partner Kelsey Edwards.

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