Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Stroll on the Streets of NYC Amidst the $1.3 Billion Deal, After Having Their Fourth Baby

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Stroll on the Streets of NYC Amidst the $1.3 Billion Deal, After Having Their Fourth Baby

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are often spotted strolling on the streets, either shopping or on their way to their favorite restaurants. But the couple, especially Lively, had not stepped out in some time since she gave birth. However, they were recently spotted strolling through the streets of New York City together.

On March 15, the Deadpool actor and his wife were spotted on the roads of New York while having their arms locked. They were well-wrapped in winter wear; the 46-year-old actor in a green puffer jacket and Lively in a blue coat. Both of them wore caps, while the Gossip Girl actress chose to complete the look with a pair of sunglasses and gorgeous brown boots.

This was the first time the couple was spotted on the streets after having their fourth baby. However, none of their fourth kids accompanied them during this stroll which means that they were out to spend some alone time together. But there was one more special thing that the 46-year-old actor did on the same day.

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Ryan Reynolds and his wife went for a walk after he signed the $1 billion deal

The day of March 15 was very special for the Green Lantern actor because of his billion-dollar deal. As per E! News, the Canadian American actor sold his mobile company Mint Mobiles on the same day for around $1.25 billion. He was a partner in the company for more than three years. Moreover, the company saw a significant rise in its numbers after the actor joined the bench of partners.

As soon as he announced the sale, the news spread like a jungle fire. After making such a huge decision and signing a good deal, the actor must have thought of taking a stroll with the beautiful mother of his kids. In other words, their stroll can be called the second “walk of fame” the Red Notice actor participated in.

The Free Guy actor is famous for his various business ventures. Be it his gin brand Aviation American Gin, or be it his digital marketing agency Maximum effort, the actor has established himself well in the business sector. Moreover, his Welsh Football club Wrexham AFC, which he co-owns with the actor Rob McElhenney is doing exceptionally well.

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