Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Stayed with Their Baby, as Their Drinks Brand Pair Up for an Amazing Event at JKF Airport

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Stayed with Their Baby, as Their Drinks Brand Pair Up for an Amazing Event at JKF Airport

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have one reason after another to celebrate life. The duo is not only one of the most loved couples but also one of the most active ones. After acing in their careers, they expanded their horizons through investments and entrepreneurship. But they did that and more while expanding their family.

Apart from selective stores, they have their beverages available for American Airlines and British Airways. But the launch of a bar has brought the two brands and two airlines to unite. Here is a look into the new and exclusive bar for pre-flight relaxation.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds-owned beverages are now available together at this new bar

From the comfort of their homes, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds took to social media to celebrate the launch of a new bar at John F Kennedy airport. British Airways and American Airlines launched the Bridge Bar together. The bar stocks various cocktails, including Lively’s non-alcoholic drink, Betty Buzz, and Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin.

The bar will give a customized experience for those with access to the premium lounge. Travelers holding the British Airways club and AA advantage platinum status, and one world Business Class can enjoy the experience of the premium lounge at terminal 8 in the New York City airport.

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The couple celebrated the bar’s launch on their social media as they choose to stay back home with the newborn baby. The two have always prioritized traveling together as a family. Despite the arrangement, their brands are thriving. Here is a look at their beverage brands.

What are the Aviation American Gin and Betty Buzz brands about?

After purchasing Betty Buzz back in 2021, Blake Lively went into full swing to promote the perfect alcohol partner with her non-alcoholic beverage. The brand for being made out of natural juices with no color or mixers. On the other hand, Reynolds’ American Aviation Gin was acquired by him back in 2018, and he co-owns it.

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He is an active part of the marketing team as well and often promotes it on social media. While their brands flourish, the couple is keeping a low profile to take time away for their family.

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