Ryan Gosling Teaches How to Respond to “how are you” Without Thinking Much in ‘The Gray Man’

Ryan Gosling Teaches How to Respond to “how are you” Without Thinking Much in ‘The Gray Man’

Netflix’s The Gray Man is currently a hot topic among fans and viewers. With the Russo Brothers’ whopping budget for the movie and some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, the movie has made its way to being one of the best films produced this year. Throughout the movie, there were many thrilling scenes that fans couldn’t get over. For instance, Chris Evans’ “Hey, Sunshine” and Armas’s stunning dialogues have hit the fans too hard to forget. One of such iconic scenes was Ryan Gosling’s phone call conversation. Let’s take a look at what fans have been crushing about over Ryan’s Court Gentry in the movie.

Ryan Gosling brings you great replies for your daily conversation

How many of us reply to boring questions like “How have you been?” with something other than even a more boring reply like “I’m good”? In The Gray Man, Ryan Gosling teaches us how to make convos a little intriguing. Apart from the intense fighting and action sequence, Six also reflects the virtues of his character through his dialogues.

While talking with Fitzroy in this scene, the former CIA agent Court Gentry aka Sierra Six replies with a stunning diplomatic answer. Fitzroy asks him about his whereabouts and the extraction teams, but Six says, “Emotionally, I’ve been better.” Upon closer inspection, we can clearly get a brief overview of how Ryan’s character actually is. Physically exhausted, hurt, and torn up at a hill somewhere in Turkey, he maintains his character and delivers an iconic dialogue in the movie with subtlety.

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The Gray Man has all essential elements that fans seek in a movie

Soon after the above-mentioned scene, negotiations between Lloyd Hansen and him ensure that ends up with Fitz’s phone being thrown away from the vehicle. The movie is filled with such exciting scenes that fans absolutely love. The movie is a mixture of emotions, stunning dialogues, and action-packed sequences with women taking control of the situation. Moreover, the fact that the movie combines a line of the most popular star cast with India’s Dhanush being one of the top international assassins, accompanied by Regé Jean page has got the movie the limelight it deserves.

Seen The Gray Man yet? While rumours about the sequel are already in the air, watch the movie now streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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