Rupert Everett Knows the Horse-Riding Woman From Prince Harry’s Memoir

Rupert Everett Knows the Horse-Riding Woman From Prince Harry’s Memoir

The world really had low standards of what “tell-all” means up until Prince Harry pulled up his memoir. By all means, a tell-all memoir, Spare follows Prince Harry as he describes much of his life until he met Meghan Markle and exited the Royal family. The memoir. although resulted in many mindblowing takeaways, also consisted of Prince Harry giving too much information for his own good. The four-hundred-page memoir includes a detailed description of Prince Harry’s “frostbitten todger.”

And if we overlook it as comedy or todger awareness bit, Prince Harry further recalls a passionate night with Meghan Markle. However, none of the above come close to the Ginger Prince talking about his first encounter with intimacy behind a pub with an older woman who treated him “not unlike a young stallion.” The identity of this glorious woman involved in Prince Harry’s “inglorious episode” has been quite a mystery. A mystery no one expected renowned actor Rupert Everett to have the answer to.

Rupert Everett answered the biggest question from Prince Harry’s memoir

From well-known actress Liz Hurley to Catherine Ommanney, no one has been spared from being the older woman that Prince Harry mentioned. Moreover, the Prince gives a detailed account of the rushed experience behind a pub on grass. The absurdity of the situation did not escape Prince Harry, and the ginger did ridicule himself for it. However, knowing that Prince Harry lost his virginity to someone behind a pub on the grass is not the enlightenment we were looking for. Royal fans could have gone on smoothly without this information but Rupert Everett has more to offer.

Rupert Everett has his own take on how the Duke lost his virginity. And it does not consist of a busy pub and grass. “I know who the woman he lost his virginity to is. And it wasn’t behind a pub. And it wasn’t in this country,” the My Policeman star told The Telegraph.

When further probed about it, he made it clear that he had no intention of telling any further. Rupert Everett definitely does not believe in the “tell-all” way of leaving that Prince Harry does. While it is unclear of what the actor thinks about this particular snippet of the Duke’s life, for the memory as a whole, the actor feels “saddened.”

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    I really don’t care about the personal activities of people with no really serious endeavors in life! I prefer to read about people who make REAL contributions to the world!!!!!!!!

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