Royal Insider Claim How Meghan Markle is ‘Extremely’ Disappointed of Backlash Over Her ‘Deal or No Deal’ Comment

Royal Insider Claim How Meghan Markle is ‘Extremely’ Disappointed of Backlash Over Her ‘Deal or No Deal’ Comment

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has been going through some tough times ever since she entered the premises of the Royal Palace. Be it for her profession that she had to give up or her race, and genetic origins, controversies love to linger around the former American actress. In addition to that, her Archetypes podcast on Spotify has made more chaos about Markle than ever. Unlike the previous times, this wave of humiliations and disputes has affected the Duchess deeply. 

For context, in a recent Archetypes episode alongside Paris Hilton and Claire Malone, Meghan talked about some sensitive matters. She explored topics like women’s objectification in industry and how it vastly influences their career flexibility. Owing to the same, Twitteratis stole a chance to bring down the Duchess on social media once again. 

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Meghan Markle reacts to the Twitter backlash 

The internet users targeted a slew of hate comments and offensive remarks regarding the statements made by Meghan. Linking it to her, Twitterattis stormed the platform with an awkward video of a Meghan Markle scene from 90210. Learning of the chaos, the Duchess expressed her immense disappointment over the same.

As reported by USmagazine, insiders brought to notice that “the negative backlash is extremely disappointing to Meghan.” Nevertheless, they also mentioned that the California alum by now has become immune to such hatred and backlash. Meghan is currently left with no other option than turning a deaf ear to all those who speak ill of her actions.

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She knows that there are certain critics who will go to great lengths to stir the pot and call her out as a hypocrite in any way possible,” the article read. Rather, the 41-year-old who is considered to be a paragon of elegance and modesty stunned the crowd after the chaos.

The mother of two donned a bold attire a couple of days ago in Montecito as paparazzi shot her latest outfit. The former American actress has further continued voicing her opinions in her Archetypes and has moved forward amidst bitter criticism.

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