Royal Family Declares How Prince Harry Can Never Be a “fill in,” Even If the Monarchy Goes Off Color

Royal Family Declares How Prince Harry Can Never Be a “fill in,” Even If the Monarchy Goes Off Color

The Imperial family has always been persistent on news for violating one of their very own. Needless to say, after Lady Diana, his second son has been the scapegoat. The cracks between the Crown of the United Kingdom and their sidelined son, Prince Harry, have begun to run deep. After the Duke’s renunciation from the Sovereign with his wife, Meghan Markle, relations between both parties have been hanging by a narrow string.

Previously, there had been countless reports on how the Prince might not get a chance to attend King Charles’s coronation. Rumors also had it that Harry and Markle have turned down Palace’s Christmas invitation for the year. Now latest reports break out another big news stating the Palace can never count on Prince Harry. 

Prince Harry can never hold the position of the Council of State in the Monarchy 

Royal Insiders have once again leaked another major piece of information from the Palace. Reportedly, the Royal family will never ask Prince Harry for a fill-in even if King Charles III falls ill. The sources have informed the House of Lords that this proposal would serve as a “workable fix” to keep the administration going. Removing Prince Harry as a fixture for the Council of State is supposedly a safety net to guarantee the continuation of the government. 

While the sudden set of rules was imposed by the Palace, the same has also been said about Prince Andrew. The remnant of members who are still eligible for the post of Council of State includes two of them: Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, and Princess Anne, the 16th in the line of succession to the throne. The same article later mentions that a non-working royal cannot ever replace King Charles III. This was issued as a notice from Buckingham Palace to the Government. 

Although Harry strongly surpasses the second condition, he can still never serve in the same capacity. The Council of State, although not as important as the King, is still a significant organ of the Monarchy. He is bestowed with the work of endorsing the legislation, approving and authorizing official documents, and so on. Alas, Prince Harry can never be considered for the same. 

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After their withdrawal from the Palace, the couple moved to the United States of America. They are currently based in California, Montecito raising their two children and busy with their own schedule.

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