Royal Experts Claim Meghan Markle “wants to be seen as a princess” and Live in Windsor Castle

Royal Experts Claim Meghan Markle “wants to be seen as a princess” and Live in Windsor Castle

Monarchists and royal experts are not great fans of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Since the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, a lot of palace insiders and experts are recalling the anecdotes from the Sussexes’ stay in the United Kingdom two years back. Following Harry and Meghan’s grand wedding in 2018, they were gifted the Frogmore Cottage by the late monarch

It was a thoughtful gift from Her Majesty as the Cottage had one of its openings in the Queen’s personal garden. By gifting it as a home to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, she was sacrificing her privacy and solitude. Although the matriarch was hopeful of the couple honoring her gift, Meghan Markle was not much happy about it

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Meghan Markle was disappointed with the Queen

Royal expert Kinsey Scholfield revealed that Meghan Markle wanted a suite of apartments in Windsor Castle. Thus, getting Frogmore Cottage as their home in the United Kingdom disappointed her on many levels. The cottage is a part of Crown Estate, as it is situated on the grounds of Windsor Castle. Kinsey slammed the former American actress for wanting a place in the Windsor Castle.

It is clear that Meghan wants to be seen as a princess, and a princess needs a castle. Frogmore Cottage gave Markle and Prince Harry more room and more privacy,” Kinsey said while speaking on Fox Digital. 

Further, the expert also accused the Duchess of Sussex of competing with Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Prince and Princess of Wales initially resided inside Kensington Palace. Thus, Kinsey believes that Markle wanted a place inside the Windsor Castle to match up with Harry’s big brother- and sister-in-law. 

Reflecting on the Queen’s decision of not allowing Harry and Meghan inside the Castle, Schofield reckoned that the monarch did not want any drama. The expert believes that the Sussex couple were known for causing drama for one or the other thing and the Queen did not want it to happen right under her nose. She also labeled the Windsor Castle as a sacred escape for the matriarch. 

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What are your thoughts about the Queen’s decision of not allowing Harry and Meghan to make Windsor Castle their home? Let us know in the comments. 

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