Royal Expert Reveals Prince Harry’s Transformation From a “wild lad” After Meeting Meghan Markle

Royal Expert Reveals Prince Harry’s Transformation From a “wild lad” After Meeting Meghan Markle

The former American actress Meghan Markle is often accused of changing Prince Harry. The Duchess of Sussex is held responsible for her and Harry’s decision of stepping down as working royals and moving to California for an independent life with their children Archie and Lilibet.

Meghan is also blamed for the rift between the royal prince and his subjects back in the United Kingdom. However, royal author Valentine Low has different opinions about the relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The biographer believes that the former actress has played a significant role in changing Harry for good.

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Meeting Meghan Markle changed Prince Harry

Low believes that Harry was a wild lad before he met the love of his life. The royal author appreciated the Duke for his dashing personality and noble work toward the welfare of children. However, he reckoned that before his marriage, Harry was a little wild and aggressive

Speaking about the changes in Harry after his marriage, Valentine Low revealed that the wild lad was no more. The Prince is now known to be an adorable father and husband. Meghan and Harry tied the knot on May 19, 2018, at the St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. 

“The younger prince was a dashing figure, flying an Apache helicopter, and was heavily committed in the area of children’s health, with charities like WellChild. But he also used to be quite a wild lad. The wild lad died the day Harry met Meghan Markle,” Low said as quoted by The News. 

Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the royal family 

All is not well between Harry and Meghan and the royal family. Following the Queen’s death, the Sussexes have been sidelined from the House of Windsor. They kept a low profile throughout the service and funeral. 

The Palace also tried to keep them out of the limelight by pushing them to the second row. They were also not included from the royal portrait. Harry’s upcoming memoir and their Netflix series can also put their relationship with the Palace in jeopardy. 

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