Royal Experts Claim How Being “Duke and Duchess makes no difference” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix Deal

Royal Experts Claim How Being “Duke and Duchess makes no difference” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Netflix Deal

A lot is being said and speculated about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s multimillion-dollar deal with Netflix. Following their exit from the royal family as working members, the Sussexes signed a contract with the American streaming giant to produce content including fiction, documentaries, docuseries, animated shows, and kids’ programs. 

Over two years have gone by and Harry and Meghan are yet to release something for the platform. Earlier this month, Meghan Markle decided to produce an animated series called Pearl that was supposed to follow the journey of a 12-year-old. However, the streaming service shelved the series. Can the current situation affect the couple’s deal with Netflix? Royal experts answer. 

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s deal with Netflix in danger?

Following several delays and a lack of content, royal experts believe that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can be in massive trouble with Netflix. Harry and Meghan are “in a tricky place right now” and their future with the streamer is uncertain. It is believed that Netflix is majorly miffed with the Sussexes’ upcoming docuseries. The couple has produced docuseries in which they will talk about their lives as working royals.

It is a controversial show as it can directly target the monarch, King Charles III, and Queen Consort Camilla. Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales, William, and Kate can also be the targets. However, sources suggest that certain incidents in the docuseries can contradict what has been written by Harry in his memoir, which will release later this year. The top management at Netflix is not happy with this contradiction and the couple will be liable for a proper explanation.

Netflix denies editing rights to the Sussex royals

Further, the royal couple has been denied the final editing rights over their docuseries. It is learned that the Sussexes are eager to make changes to not sound too critical of the monarch. They want to tone down things to keep the door of reconciliation open.

However, the royal experts believe that the changes are not possible, as it is Netflix who has the upper hand on the content that they want to show on their platform. “In reality, it is their [Netflix’s] outlet and they have final say on what is broadcast. The Sussexes and their team knew that going into this deal. Just because they are a Duke and Duchess makes no difference,” the royal experts claimed as quoted by Express UK. 

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