Royal Correspondent Says Prince Harry and Meghan Can No “longer play bad palace card”

Royal Correspondent Says Prince Harry and Meghan Can No “longer play bad palace card”

Things can get tougher for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a dramatic exit from the royal family in 2022 to live on their own in California. However, they managed to upset their subjects back in the United Kingdom. In a historic interview on Oprah Winfrey’s show, Harry and Meghan pitted themselves against the royal family as they levied some serious allegations on the latter. The former working royals had all the plans to bring more about the royal family into the limelight.

Last year, Harry signed a $27 million deal with Penguin Random House Publication for his memoir. It is speculated that the Prince will be delivering some harsh truth bombs in the book. Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex also have a million-dollar deal with Netflix to come up with original content including shows, docuseries, and other things to excite the audience. However, with the death of Her Majesty, a royal correspondent thinks playing the bad Palace card is no longer an option for the Royal couple.

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Harry and Meghan to face hiccups with the memoir and Netflix deal

The royal correspondent Daniela Elser believes that it will be nothing less than stupidity for Netflix and Penguin Random House Publication to release anything that is against the House of Windsor. Queen Elizabeth II’s demise has sent the entire world into a state of mourning. The Royal family has been receiving a lot of love and condolence post the demise of Her Majesty.

With so much sympathy for King Charles III and the Windsor family, Harry and Meghan can struggle to find buyers for their content that most probably bashes the late Queen and the Royal family. 

“Americans today are demonstrating a surprising level of public grief. As of now, the Sussexes are no longer able to play the Bad Palace card,” Elser said in her post for

The correspondent also added that Netflix and Penguin publications are facing a huge predicament regarding the release of content that will be against the public sentiment towards the Queen and House of Windsor. 

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3 thoughts on “Royal Correspondent Says Prince Harry and Meghan Can No “longer play bad palace card”

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    September 12, 2022 at 8:26 pm

    I do not agree with everything that is written in this post. First, Harry has never had anything bad to say about his grandmother, the Queen. One good dead and politeness from his brother William was wonderful, but I doubt that there is anything untrue in Harry’s book about Will and Kate. He has always loved them. He has been angered by them but I doubt that there is anything horrible. Next: Harry has plenty of time to change anything he wants. No matter what is written the horrible British press will not be kind. They will probably blame everything on Meghan like they always do. It is really disgusting. The Brits will have to realize that the move to the US has always been Harry’s desire. The fact that he had a wife and child only made it more necessary to him and gave him a chance to leave. Harry and Meghan are have a beautiful family and seem very much in love, despite what the British press says. G-d Bless them.

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    September 19, 2022 at 12:54 am

    Completely disagree. While the Queen was much respected as an individual, monarchies are much debated. There are rumblings across the Commonwealth about the colonial legacy and the British people themselves about the value of having a monarch even as a figure head. In a world that is increasingly focusing on equity and reducing disparities, having working royalty born into doing service as their vocation seems very out of touch with reality considering the great privilege they were born into. Applauding royalty for going and meeting regular people as their service and job won’t cut it any more. I think with the Queen gone, the era has ended, and the old ways will look more and more backwards. It remains to be seen how King Charles III will modernize the monarchy. A modernized monarchy needs people like the Sussexes who are stepping outside of what might be traditionally expected of them. Prince Harry’s voice and reflections on his life growing up within the business of the Royal Family will only highlight how archaic things really are and how desperately in need of change they are. Tight-lipped and being non-transparent won’t work for the royal family as it did with the Queen and those before her. Social media will demand more accountability.

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    September 19, 2022 at 9:10 am

    Tired of all the coverage focused on Harry and Meghan. Those two do not make the Royal family. All they do is talk terrible things on Harry’s family but yet want to still be near to cause harm. They talk about wanting privacy but do everything thing they can to be in the spotlight. They do that by creating an unnecessary drama to remain relevant. Then complain when they get negative press. It’s horrible how they think it’s all about them. Everyone should be honoring and respecting the Queen at this time. King Charles is in the process of making changes and could happen without those two.

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