Robert Downey Jr Leaves Fans Confused as He Shares a Cryptic Video With a Promise

Robert Downey Jr Leaves Fans Confused as He Shares a Cryptic Video With a Promise

There are only a handful of actors that are loved universally. There is nothing that they can do that can potentially reduce fans’ love for them. Robert Downey Jr is one such actor who demands love and respect from his fans. He had a marvelous journey from debuting really young in movies in the 80s and then losing it all due to his addiction. But he battled his demons to become everyone’s favorite Iron Man. Although he left fans heartbroken with his exit from MCU, he just dropped a cryptic video that is making fans scratch their heads.

The 57-year-old took to Twitter to tell his fans that he is taking the role of a lifetime and posted a video. In the clip, dressed in a navy blue suit, Robert Downey Jr appears for an audition. He tells the managers that he was hoping to play Robert Downey Jr, since he heard they were looking for someone who looks similar to him. The managers are taken aback but allow him to give it a go while calming his nerves. The Iron Man star exudes charm and a carefree attitude he always gives off even in the short clip.

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The clip also promised that big things are coming on 09.03.2023. It appears to be an advertisement for Aura, as the card displays the logo at the very beginning of the clip. However, the date and Downey’s sudden announcement of a big role has fans utterly confused. 

Fans react to the video starring Robert Downey Jr 

Fans don’t know what to make of the video. Some see this as a hope to see Tony Stark back in action. And others can’t wait to see him take on a role outside Marvel or Disney. They are confused about the date as well. 

Whether he will come back as Tony Stark or not is still up in the air since he died in Avengers Endgame. There were rumors about Marvel bringing him back for an eleventh appearance and a cameo in Spiderman 4. Since Stark and Peter have a mentor-mentee relationship, it’s entirely possible. Recently at the Emerald City Comic-con Mark Ruffalo also teased his return. He coyly answered the fans that it’s a possibility because of the alternate timelines and realities existing in the MCU.

Meanwhile, the actor shared the full version of the 15-second clip he had shared in his previous tweet. The 1-minute-57-seconds long video sees Downey Jr promoting Aura Protects.

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