Roasted! Friday Singer Rebecca Black Takes a Moment to Redeem Her Song While Taking a Dig at Andrew Tate

Roasted! Friday Singer Rebecca Black Takes a Moment to Redeem Her Song While Taking a Dig at Andrew Tate

The problems do not seem to end for the former kickboxer Andrew Tate. First, he got into a viral spat with the world-famous environmentalist Greta Thunberg. After that, he got arrested under the charges of human trafficking and rape. And now another celebrity has roasted him online for his shameful doings.

Andrew got arrested on December 29, 2022, and since then, he has been constantly being roasted on social media by netizens. The celebrity to join this club of roasters is singer Rebecca Black, who has tweeted a destructive statement about Andrew Tate, in which she also roasts herself a bit.

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What did Rebbecca Black say about Andrew Tate?

Rebecca Black is one of those singers who rose to popularity with their worst creations. In the case of this 25-year-old singer, she rose to the heights of popularity with her 2011 single “Friday,” which was extremely ridiculed by music critics and listeners who called her song “one of the worst songs of all time.”

However, Rebecca took the criticism as a booster and has improved greatly since then. In fact, she is all set to release her new album, Let Her Burn in the month of February. Coming over to how she roasted Andrew Tate, it won’t be wrong to say that it was a very innovative way of roasting the influencer.

Posting a clip from Tate’s old music video Sugar Daddy, Rebecca tweeted, “I was 13 this man is 36″.  What Black here means to say is that her cringeworthy song came out when she was just 13. But in the case of Andrew, the man is 36 years old while doing things he is not supposed to.

Sugar Daddy was released in August 2022 and was part of Tate’s shortlived music career. According to Indy 100, he was arrested in Romania under various charges, including forming an organized crime group.

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After Rebecca roasted Tate on Twitter, she is receiving immersive support from the people, especially her fans. She even receives supportive comments on Friday, which was once declared the worst song ever.

Let’s hope Rebecca’s new album is as good as her Andrew Tate roast. Tell us in the comments what you think of Friday.


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