Rita Ora Was Left “annoyed” At The Infamous 94th Oscar Awards Featuring Will Smith Slap Gate

Rita Ora Was Left “annoyed” At The Infamous 94th Oscar Awards Featuring Will Smith Slap Gate

If there were anything eventful about this year, the first place would occupy Will Smith’s punching Chris Rock at the Oscars. Just a few minutes before Smith would add an accolade overdue and well deserve to his career, he took a hit across Rock’s face. Even today, months after the incident people vividly remember each moment of the event, or at least they wish to.

Yes, you read it right. Some top-tier Oscar-invited celebrities wish they had enjoyed the infamous drama to its fullest. One among them is Rita Ora. The American singer and songwriter recently confessed that she regrets missing out on one of the rarest of rare on-screen live fiascos.

Rita Ora shares her regretful experience of the dramatic Oscars of Will Smith

On a podcast interview with Ryan and Michael, while speaking about the then-upcoming season of The Voice of The Seven, Rita humorously affirmed that she was “very annoyed” on missing Will’s slap. This was at the 94th Oscars because she was on a bathroom break. Continuing further with ‘Fitzy and Wippa’ she said, “I suddenly had to go to the bathroom at that point.” She continued, “which I’m very annoyed about!

The Let Me Love You hitmaker was attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Awards. Hence it was almost as impossible for her to give up on the biggest party and attend a slap show. Although she regrets each second in the bathroom she admitted she never paid full attention to the incident.

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However, she is still in disbelief that the bad luck of her timing can get so worse. Nonetheless, Ora is one of the most talented singers and songwriters out there. Accompanying her on the prestigious award show was the film director and her boyfriend Taika Waititi standing by her side.

What happened on the night of March 28 will certainly be remembered by people for years to come. And people will just have to wait to see how long Will Smith has to bear the consequences of his actions.

Did you guys witness the infamous Oscar Incident? Or like Rita, you guys too were preoccupied? Let us know your answers in the comments.


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