“Ridiculous and unjust”: Shawn Lewy Hits Out at Emmy Snub for Her ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink

“Ridiculous and unjust”: Shawn Lewy Hits Out at Emmy Snub for Her ‘Stranger Things’ Actress Sadie Sink

Stranger Things had the biggest premiere this year with season 4. So much so that it crashed Netflix’s servers. The season raised the stakes and had more horror elements infused within the narrative than any other previous season. It also allowed another female protagonist aside from Millie Bobby Brown to shine: Sadie Sink. 

The redhead had joined the show in its second season. Although a core member of the gang, her character was never entirely given the focus until season 4. The actress put forward her career-best performance and yet she was snubbed at the Emmys. Fans are livid and so is executive producer Shawn Levy.  

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Shawn Levy is dissatisfied with Emmy’s dismissal of Sadie Sink 

After Sadie’s incredible performance of a guilt-ridden sister in the Dear Billy episode of Stranger Things, it was a surprise that the Emmys didn’t think it was award-worthy. And Shawn Levy isn’t taking well to that. After all, he was the one that was in the director’s seat for the Dear Billy episode. In both Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown’s defense, Levy praised them for stepping it up for their respective roles and called the snub “unjust.” 

Both Millie and Sadie stepped up and delivered career-high performances, and I’m just looking ahead to the upcoming award season and the Guild awards to properly recognize the exceptional work that these two young actresses did,” he said

We saw Sadie’s Max at her most vulnerable in Dear Billy. She was grappling with the loss of her brother, Billy, and coping with the guilt for wanting him gone before his final moments. Levy had further confessed that the Dear Billy episode was “the great pride” of his directing career. Apparently, it was as difficult as bringing a movie to life. Despite Sink losing out on an Emmy, the series had gotten nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.

Season 4 was the most ambitious season of Stranger Things considering that it was in production for three years! We are hoping that the final season closes out the Hawkins chapter with a bang!

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Do you think Stranger Things will win in the next Emmys?


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