‘Rick and Morty’ Loses Out on an Emmy Award Against a Prominent Netflix Production; ‘Doctor Strange’ in the Nominees as Well

‘Rick and Morty’ Loses Out on an Emmy Award Against a Prominent Netflix Production; ‘Doctor Strange’ in the Nominees as Well

Just as season 6 of Rick and Morty was to come out, the series won an entry to Emmy nomination but lost the award. The animated sci-fi sitcom was nominated for the 2022 Outstanding Animated Program category. But the Adult Swim network series fell short of winning over Netflix’s steampunk, action-fiction anime in the same category.

Rick and Morty first won an Emmy in 2018 for season 3, followed by an award for the outstanding animated program at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in 2020. This time, the beloved series had some tough competitors like Doctor Strange also being nominated under the same category. However, this time, the Adult Swim series couldn’t make an invention content good enough to beat down Netflix’s creation.

Rick and Morty landed in The Emmy awards but exited with disappointment

Rick and Morty Season 5 began with the episode Mort Dinner Rick Andre. In Rick and Morty’s style, the first episode itself made a bang by entering this year’s Emmy nomination. It opened with the duo crash landing in the ocean, breaking a pact between Rick and his arch-enemy Dr. Nimbus. Meanwhile, Rick attempts to burst his forever crush Jessica’s friend zone by having her over for dinner, all while he juggles between her and dealing with the sex-obsessed, king of the sea Dr. Nimbus at the dinner table. The episode’s outrageously weird and hilarious ride is what led to its nomination.

While other nominations for the Outstanding Animated Program in this category were: Disney+ Marvel StudiosWhat If…? What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead Of His Hands?, FOX, 20th Television’s Bob’s Burgers for the episode Some Like It Bot Part 1: Eighth Grade Runner, and Fox’s A Gracie Films+ 20th Television seriesThe Simpsons for the episode Pixelated And Afraid.

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However, Netflix Original series Arcane took home, Lady Emmy for Outstanding AnimatedProgram for Episode 6 of season 1- When These Walls Come Tumbling Down, becoming the first streaming series to win in this category. The Games and Fortiche Production series is based on Riot’s League of Legends game. The Christian Yee creation revolves around the struggle for balance between a Utopian City and the pressed underground.

Maybe another nomination with Rick and Morty season 6?

After a well-received season 5, the 6th season of Rick and Morty premiered on the 4th of September on the original network Adult Swim. Although not on Netflix, the Justin and Roland creation be streamed on Hulu, HBO, and Max platforms.

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So for the fans that are disappointed, who knows? Maybe this brand new season of entertaining madness will snatch an Emmy next time.

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