Revisiting Finder’s Fee, the Movie Where We Saw Ryan Reynolds and Darth Vader AKA James Earl Jones Team Up for an Uncanny Crime Drama

Revisiting Finder’s Fee, the Movie Where We Saw Ryan Reynolds and Darth Vader AKA James Earl Jones Team Up for an Uncanny Crime Drama

Ryan Reynolds is one of the few actors who has played roles in every genre. From starring in comic and superhero roles to taking the lead in sports docuseries based on his team, time and again, Ryan has proved himself to be a versatile actor. While we certainly know him as the Merc with a Mouth from Deadpool or Adam Reed from The Adam Project, little is known about his role as Quigley in the 2001 film Finders Fee.

Over the years, we have seen Reynolds star alongside a plethora of talented stars like Dwayne Johnson and Meghan Markle. Likewise, Finder’s fee is no exception. The film features a massive ensemble of famous actors. Here is everything you need to know about the film starring Ryan Reynolds and James Earl Jones.

Finder’s Fee has Ryan Reynolds as Quigley

Directed by Jeff Probst, the host of the insanely popular TV series Survivor, Finder’s Fee was one of the finest mystery films of its time. The film follows the story of a guy named Tepper (Erik Palladino) who finds a lost wallet on the street. While such incidents are routine, what is rare is the fact that the wallet also includes a winning lottery ticket inside worth six million dollars.

Although Tepper does contact the owner, Avery Phillips (James Earl Jones), on the number found inside the wallet to return it, he finds himself in a moral dilemma. His regular poker-playing crew, including Quigley (Ryan Reynolds) and Fishman (Matthew Lillard), arrive for their regular game. Meanwhile, the big twist of the movie is the poker game involves betting lottery tickets.

Palladino perfectly portrays the tensed guy Tepper making it clear with his expressions that there is a tense situation. On the other hand, we have Ryan Reynolds playing a divorced father in serious debt. Despite not having the main lead, Reynolds works his part out to perfection. Furthermore, James Earl Jones, aka Darth Vader, adds a lot of credibility to the cast. We also have Fishman, a gambler in serious debt played by Matthew Lillard. The Collector actress Carly Pope plays Carla in the film.

While the plot is a little predictable, the twists and turns in between the film will work your nerves. Interestingly, Avery Phillips, the owner of the winning ticket’s arrival at the poker game, is the film’s highlight. Moreover, watching Tepper try his best to hide the winning lottery ticket from his friends and return it to the rightful owner is the part to look out for.

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