REVEALED! Were Harry and Meghan “profiteering” on Nelson Mandela’s Name?

REVEALED! Were Harry and Meghan “profiteering” on Nelson Mandela’s Name?

For all we know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are determined to bring a change to human society, specifically the British monarchy. Ever since they stepped down as the working senior royals of the family, they have worked towards one apparent goal- To let down the golden facade of Buckingham Palace and reveal their grey secrets. However, they have more often than not found themselves to be the subject of scrutiny by loyal citizens and media outlets.

From the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview to Netflix’s Harry & Meghan and Spare. The two have slowly and steadily let out the dirty secrets of the British royal family. Most of which included the hardships divorcee and the then-actress had to face as a woman of color. Following a plethora of such impactful projects and even paving a path toward becoming a billionaire, they signed yet another project with Netflix, Live to Lead. However, Nelson Mandela’s granddaughter slammed them for using his name incorrectly. She now clarifies.

Ndileka Mandela finally breaks her silence about the previous accusations against Harry and Meghan

Penning her words for Independent, the granddaughter of Nelson Mandela finally clarified the fuss going on about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex used the late President’s name to fulfill their personal gains. She exclusively wrote that although she does not like her grandfather’s name used for such purposes, it “shocked” her to see people accusing her. Mandela went on to say that she never slammed the two for “profiteering” on Nelson Mandela’s name.

Instead, the media outlets misquoted her, causing a “global news coverage that weaponized my (Ndileka Mandela’s) name” and her anti-apartheid grandfather’s name. Further setting everything straight, she laid all the cards on the table. Ndileka Mandela finds it rather ironic that those who accused her of calling out the royal couple are the ones using Nelson Mandela’s name to accuse the woman of color.

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In reality, she is an admirer of Harry and Meghan’s cause (uplifting those inferior to them) and “celebrate(s) the inspiration that Harry and Meghan take from my grandfather’s legacy for their social activism.” Now that the truth is out let us wait and see if the royal critics have a say on it. You can read her article for the outlet here.

Meanwhile, do let us know in the comments section if you have some thoughts on this subject matter. You can stream Live to Lead on Netflix now.

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