Resurfaced Pictures of Millie Bobby Brown as Rachel Green From ‘FRIENDS’ are a Treat to the Eyes

Resurfaced Pictures of Millie Bobby Brown as Rachel Green From ‘FRIENDS’ are a Treat to the Eyes

Very recently, Millie Bobby Brown was in the news for her resemblance to singer Halsey. The singer had even expressed her desire to have the young actress play her in her biopic. But a recently resurfaced photo reminded us that the 18-year-old also shares an uncanny resemblance with FRIENDS’ star, Jennifer Aniston. Dressed up as Rachel Green, the young star looked like she came right out of the 90s sitcom! 

A young Millie Bobby Brown nailed the Rachel Green look from Friends

Then 16, Millie Bobby Brown had decided to dress up as her favorite character for a W Magazine’s TV portfolio. She had chosen to go with the Rachel Green look from her favorite show, FRIENDS, that she binged watched during the height of the pandemic. She effectively transformed into Rachel in a simple plaid pleated skirt paired with a cream turtleneck slim-fit top. Brown added some simple golden earrings and a tinted red lip and had her hair up in a messy bun. She very nicely pulls off that quintessential 90s style!

Jennifer Aniston popularised the iconic look in the 90s. The messy updo and short plaid pleated skirt were one of her go-to looks, especially in the earlier seasons of the NBC show. She was a fashion icon in the 90s and even had a hairstyle named after her! 

The Stranger Things star wished for a hairstyle to be named after her character too! She had gushed, “An icon! Rachel is my favorite. After all, she has a hairstyle named after her. I dream of people saying, ‘I want the Eleven! Or the Enola!’ I want my own hairstyle.”

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It does make sense that the teen icon of today, Brown, was looking up to her for some fashion inspiration. Though we don’t think Brown needs any: She always appears fantastic! 

After a mega event that was Stranger Things Season 4, the actress has turned her attention to another Netflix project. The streamer is reportedly paying Brown a whopping $10M to reprise her role as the clever sister of Sherlock Holmes in the sequel to Enola Holmes.

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