Remember When Vanessa Bryant Dissed Drake and Accused Him of Not Being ‘Friends With Kobe’

Remember When Vanessa Bryant Dissed Drake and Accused Him of Not Being ‘Friends With Kobe’

With great fame comes and popularity comes an equal moment of criticism and backlash that world-class legends deal with. And the late Basketball Moghul Kobe Bryant was no exception. The star will continue to live in our hearts forever, as well as controversies associated with him. Remember when Byrant’s wife accused the rapper Drake of inappropriately using her name in one of his songs?

Even though Kobe lived a good married life, in the year 2011, TMZ reported that his wife Venessa was planning on separating from him. According to The Sports Rush, Venessa shared in 2013 that the couple worked it out later and are happily back together. But then what did Drake say that Vanessa did not like?

What did Drake do that made Venessa angry?

No sooner did the news of Venessa and Kobe separating due to irreconcilable differences went viral in the year 2011, than Drake found an opportunity to address it in his song. The singer has always claimed that he and Kobe are great friends. So the case was when the divorce was announced, Venessa would have owned half of Kobe’s empire as the couple did not get a prenup.


Drake saw the perfect lyrics in this separation and created a song with Rick Ross called “Stay Schemin”. In this, he took a jab at Venessa by saying, “B**ch you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym/(Huh!? b**ch you weren’t with me shooting in the gym).”

Venessa was terribly hurt after listening to it and she used Instagram to respond to Drake. She said that she loves it when immature kids quote Drake who apparently has never been friends with Kobe. She said that she does not need to be in the gym as she is taking care of their daughters and everything else that pertains to their life.

Later on, Drake apologized to Vanessa, first through his manager and later on publically. However since Kobe passed away, Drake has paid tribute to him several times including his song “Rich Flex”. Kobe Bryant passed away in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, when he was on his way to watch his daughter’s basketball match. In the same crash, his daughter Gigi also died.

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One of the first celebrities to post about Kobe’s sad demise was in fact Drake himself, who posted a picture with Kobe’s face on it along with the words “farewell Mamba”.

What is your take on the matter? Have you listened to the song yet?

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