Remember When the Gen-Z Sensation Millie Bobby Brown Left Twitter After Becoming the Target of Cruel Cyberbullying?

Remember When the Gen-Z Sensation Millie Bobby Brown Left Twitter After Becoming the Target of Cruel Cyberbullying?

Millie Bobby Brown might be one of the most famous young celebrities in Hollywood. But the actress has clearly faced several obstacles on the way to fame and success. Right from the beginning of her career, she became a victim of online harassment and bullying. The Stranger Things star constantly received hateful messages and disturbing sexualized messages from internet users. It is scary to see that the incessant trolling scared her so much once that the teen star deleted her Twitter account, being pushed to the very edge of cyberbullying. Can you imagine what she might have gone through when she decided to leave social media?

About five years ago, the then 14-year-old superstar had to shut off her Twitter account after being crushed by cyberbullying. According to CNN Entertainment, the Godzilla star was extensively targeted by brutal hashtags and memes. The hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown circulated over the internet in November 2017 after one user allegedly claimed that the actress disrespected a fan.

The tweet said that Brown snatched the hijab of a female fan who asked her for some pictures. Although there was no proof found that the incident actually took place and tweet was later deleted. Many users stretched this topic for long, writing nasty messages and outrageous captions to her photos to make her look homophobic.

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It is possible that this meme might have started ironically among fans. But it did leave a horrible mark on the British star and she had to deactivate her account.

Millie Bobby Brown does not fear internet mobs anymore 

The global superstar who once feared the virtual world and stopped using her social handles like Twitter and TikTok does not fear bullies anymore. The moment Millie Bobby Brown turned 18, she took the charge of her life into her hands. As we saw, she filled her Instagram with so many bold and mesmerizing photos in the past year.

You probably remember how the Enola Holmes 2 star wished her fans a Merry Christmas, becoming the hottest Santa in a red bikini from her tropical vacation.

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What do you think about young actors being trolled by internet bullies and how this can be ended?

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