Remember When Meghan Markle Visited Malta to Dig Deeper Into her Ancestral Root?

Remember When Meghan Markle Visited Malta to Dig Deeper Into her Ancestral Root?

This week’s biggest revelation on Archetypes came with Meghan Markle introducing herself as half-Nigerian. However, the fun facts about her heritage do not end here. Recently, it came to news that the Duchess has her origins established in Malta as well. But did you know how?

As published by Atlys, before being crowned as the Duchess of Sussex set out on a venture to Malta to unfold her family genesis. A few months prior to her and Prince Harry’s first meeting, she engaged herself in the Maltese culture in the search for her roots. Here is how Markle is linked to the European Island country. 

Meghan Markle and her tour to Malta, discovering the ancestral roots

The Suits actress on her tour revealed that the island of Malta was the birthplace of her great-great-grandmother. Describing her experience as “fitting in a piece of the puzzle” the then star traveled to each corner of the island. Some pictures of the tour show her dressed in Maltese attire and her capturing the mesmerizing lanes and cities of the country.

Later, she also took delight in trying the traditional and modern-day cuisine of the nation. Malta, like all other European countries, is peculiarly distinctive for its delicacies on the island. Markle indulged in a well-known staple cuisine called ftira biz-zejt, a tuna roll sandwich. It can be relished as a heavy meal, as well as a quick snack. This makes it all the more convenient and preferable for the inhabitants. 

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After relishing the unique cuisine, Markle headed over to the sister island of Gozo to admire the famous Azure Window in Dwejra Bay. Following this, she strived forward to adore the pristine ambiance of the historic fortified city of Mdina. Known as Malta’s ‘Silent City’, Mdina offered a great, uninterrupted, profound sight-seeing for the Duchess.

Retracing her ancestral roots further, the former actress reached Valletta, the capital city of Malta. After cherishing the picturesque architectural design of one of the oldest capital cities in Europe, she then visited the Saint John’s Co-Cathedral known for its golden grandeur. 

What do you think about Markle’s journey into exploring her ancestry? Do you have any plans to visit Malta anytime soon?

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