Remember When Kendall Jenner Had to Move in a Hideout Home After Receiving Multiple Threats?

Remember When Kendall Jenner Had to Move in a Hideout Home After Receiving Multiple Threats?

Being a public figure gives you a sense of being able to reach many people, but it also increases the risk of your safety. Especially, if you are a woman, the risk of being threatened increases a little more. Kendall Jenner more than once had to go through that risk. One time, she got a life threat that made her move out of her own home and hide somewhere else.

Many celebrities have opened up about being harassed by a stalker or outsiders. Once, Millie Bobby Brown also got attacked by an ‘uninvited fan’ while she was shooting for her upcoming film, Damsel. However, the security present there caught the stalker. Well, the 27-year-old Kendall Jenner has faced these uninvited people many times. Let’s find out about the time when she literally had to run out of her house in 2021.

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Kendall Jenner had to hide for her safety

As originally reported by TMZ, the model was fed up with trespassers, stalkers, and death threats. So, she moved out of her Beverly Hills home to an unknown location for her safety. The source revealed an alleged trespasser appeared at Jenner’s home at 2 AM to swim naked in her pool. The American social media personality had gotten a restraining order for another alleged stalker who threatened to kill her and himself as well.

However, both these alleged uninvited people got caught. The one who threatened to kill Jenner was in a mental health facility. And the police arrested the other trespasser, but he was back on the streets soon. Meanwhile, the armed security around her was also increased. Still, the scary incidents didn’t leave the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

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In 2017, because of a trespasser who broke into her home twice, Jenner sold her then-current home before she got a restraining order against the alleged trespasser. The model was a victim of burglary as well. And then, as these scary events were affecting her mental health and were giving her anxiety, she moved to an unknown location.

Currently, the fashion model is safe with her security and loved ones around her. Well, after everything that happened with her, what do you think about this situation? Share with us in the comment box below.

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