Remember When Kanye West Made Comments on Rihanna Over Her Past Abusive Relationship

Remember When Kanye West Made Comments on Rihanna Over Her Past Abusive Relationship

Kanye West may be facing the consequences of his comments now, but his opinions have been in public for a long. The singer is currently facing backlash and calls for a ban thanks to his and anti-Semitic comments. He was also called out for harassing his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, over social media. But before all this, the entertainer also held an opinion of Rihanna over her domestic abuse case.

In 2009, the news of domestic violence by Chris Brown made headlines everywhere, and the victim was none other than Umbrella singer Rihanna. Brown nearly lost his career over the incident, but Kanye had his own perspective on the whole incident. Here is what he had to say.

What did Kanye West say about Rihanna?

Hip Hop artist Kanye West had some controversial things to say about Rihanna’s domestic violence case. In a 2019 interview, he touched upon the topic and said, “Chris Brown’s career is basically over and you have Rihanna and everyone took her side.” He apparently said it during his appearance on the David Letterman show. The Gold Digger singer had an opinion that Rihanna must’ve done something to make Brown attack her, and that everyone decided to side with her instead of digging into the matter.

It was the night before the Grammy’s. The We Found Love singer was in a Lamborghini with then-boyfriend Chris Brown. They were fighting over Brown being unfaithful to a work friend, which led to a violent altercation between the two. In a fit of rage, the Loyal singer punched her really hard, resulting in a black face and busted lips. He was found guilty, but instead of jail time, he was sentenced to probation and therapy thereafter.

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So when Kanye gave his point of view about Chris Brown, he wanted people to consider that she was a participant in the full-blown attack.  However, most would sharply disagree considering that the internet was flooded with the photo of Rihanna’s busted face.

What did you think of his opinions on the Rihanna-Chris Brown incident? Share your thoughts in the comments.

One thought on “Remember When Kanye West Made Comments on Rihanna Over Her Past Abusive Relationship

  1. Reply
    Dee John
    November 10, 2022 at 8:49 am

    I agree with YE….always from the beginning said and asked what really happened? Me being a female I knew exactly what went down. She was the aggressor, Chris, finally years later told what occurred.
    She had the best lawyer for the Shenanigans.
    I do not will not listen to her music. Another Black Man Sacrificed. Yes she allowed them to tear that young black male down knowing the part she played.

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