Remember the Time When Kanye West Called Out Nike for Stealing Through a Tweet About Michael Jordon?

Remember the Time When Kanye West Called Out Nike for Stealing Through a Tweet About Michael Jordon?

Kanye West has lost his place among the wealthiest rappers in the world after his constant trail of controversies. People started questioning his partner companies and sponsors why they weren’t taking any action against hate speech. Adidas maintained its silence when Ye appeared wearing a White Lives Matter T-shirt at a fashion show in Paris. But they finally decided to snap ties with the rapper, following his offensive and antisemitic remarks.

It happened because the Donda singer stated in an interview that Adidas would not go against him. However, the consequences turned out to be different from his belief. Amidst this, we revisit a statement the hip-hop star once made for another brand. Remember the time when Kanye West called out Nike for stealing through a tweet about Michael Jordan?

Kanye West condemned Nike for not giving Michael Jordan his right

Nike is the biggest sportswear brand in the world that has been sponsoring athletes for years around the world. Michael Jordan was the first basketball player who popularized this brand by becoming the face of it. Today, people remember that time as an inspiring story that led to days of success. However, Kanye West had a different opinion about the collaboration between Jordan and Nike.

West claimed in a tweet two years back that Nike has benefited most from the player and did not give his rightful share to him. The former Yeezy owner compared their worth that Phil Knight’s net worth is 40 billion whereas Jordan only has 1.6 billion.

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“Phill Knight never had to jump from the free throw line… when you google Phil you barely even see his face,” stated the fashion designer. According to him, this huge difference between their net worth is unfair and the NBA player is robbed.

The rapper accused Nike even though they have been paying him for ‘Jordan brand.’ Michael Jordan gets royalty from the sale of every sneaker, for that company is made after his name, but the company is owned by Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike.

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What do you think about Kanye West making claims on powerful brands and losing his partnerships? Tell us your views in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates about Ye.

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