Remember Ryan Gosling’s Role Where He Was A Liability and Not Star In A Big Sports Drama?

Remember Ryan Gosling’s Role Where He Was A Liability and Not Star In A Big Sports Drama?

Ryan Gosling is seemingly enjoying the peak of his career right now. However, it was always not the case with the actor. Stepping into the biggest film-making industry with nothing in hand, he had to begin climbing the ladder of success from the very first step. While he apparently proved his talent by giving a standout performance in the unforgettable love story, The Notebook, the 42-year-old Canadian actor has often rejected some heavy paycheck dramas such as Fifty Shades Trilogy.

Furthermore, shortly after his Oscar-worthy performance in Half Nelson, Gosling established himself as the finest actor of his generation. While his roles in movies such as Crazy Stupid Love, and La La Land will forever stay enticing and keep you on the edge of your seat; some of his earliest roles, the not-so-significant ones for the world, are often vulnerable to fade away in oblivion. Rightly said, perhaps- they do not remember your journey, only success. One such movie that may have faded from fanatics’ memory is Remember the Titans.

Ryan Gosling admits that getting into Hollywood is a risky task

Remember the Titans reportedly became a blockbuster hit. One of the biggest reasons behind it was Denzel Washington, who almost turned down the role. What is even more intriguing is Ryan Gosling actually played a role in the movie. He became particularly famous for his locker room dance. And since then, the Barbie actor has not stopped until he became what he is today and unsurprisingly continues to amaze us to date.

Albeit all the success, Gosling notably confessed back in 2014 that the acting industry is unpredictable and that, for those who don’t succeed, it can be a depressing line of work. He further explained that everyone leaves their home, family, and mainstream jobs to chase a dream; even when they are aware that the likelihood that they would ever realize that dream is remote, “and they do it, anyway.” The box office star interestingly asserted that “It’s filled with all these Don Quixote-type characters.”

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