Reliving Old Times, Will Smith Shares THIS Adorable Post of Him With David Letterman

Reliving Old Times, Will Smith Shares THIS Adorable Post of Him With David Letterman

Will Smith recreated an adorable pose with David Letterman. After being in hiding for months, Will Smith is finally getting back to normal life. The actor rose from humble beginnings to become one of the biggest stars in the world today. The world saw him progress from playing a comedian to an action hero in that period.

The actor has still been much liked for his persona even outside of movies. He would make public appearances and visits and give interviews on a regular basis. Unfortunately, his Oscar debacle brought it all to a halt. After months undercover, he is slowly starting to come out of hiding to reintroduce himself to the world.

What did Will Smith post about himself and David Letterman?

Will Smith is smiling again. The actor posted a fresh post of himself with the former Late Show host David Letterman. The duo recreated a pose wherein they join their palms, bringing their hands together. Just the way did years ago while appearing on the show. It was captioned, “The Hitch sequel nobody asked for.”

The recreation is special for everyone, being made more than two decades after the original one. The original interview took place back in 2008, when the world had just seen his potential. Both Smith and Letterman’s lives have changed since then.

However, the I Am Legend actor has appeared on the show several times after that. Their bond has clearly remained unchanged since then. The 2008 interview took place years after The Hitch movie as well. Right now, Will, who is trying to repair his public image, is playing with the idea of making Hitch 2.

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The original one was a big success, wherein he starred with Eva Mendes. It is also considered to be one of the best romantic comedy movies of all time, at least by loyal fans. Mendes has expressed her wish to be a part of the sequel. Perhaps Letterman could also pitch in. Meanwhile, Smith’s 63 million Instagram fans can enjoy his social media posts.

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