Reliving Childhood: Throwback to Billie Eilish Stuffing a Ukelele Inside Her Mouth With Ease

Reliving Childhood: Throwback to Billie Eilish Stuffing a Ukelele Inside Her Mouth With Ease

While Billie Eilish may be known for her deep and dark songs, the singer has a rather colorful personality. The Gen-Z singer has won several Grammys at a young age. But she takes great pride in showing off her candid side with her fans and living her simple life as well. The No Time to Die singer also makes sure to stay in touch with them through the process as well.

Billie recently hit the news for dating Jesse Rutherford, someone who is ten years older than her. On the other hand, she also enjoys being her young self and showing off her fun side. A video from 2019 shows the singer talking to her audience with a child-like curiosity.

How Billie Eilish hilariously tried to eat a music instrument

While many singers play some or other instrument, Eilish actually tried to eat one! In a video from 2019, the singer attempts to eat a ukulele. Although she could not eat it all, she burst out into laughter as she hilariously tried to open her mouth as wide as possible and eat the whole ukulele. But some fans also pointed out that the singer looked as if she had been crying for some time, which concerned a lot of fans as well. Regardless, her video was entertaining for both herself and the viewers. The singer still had her classic green and black hair then.

Although the singer has been known to express herself through regular posts. After all, the ukelele was the first musical instrument that she learned to use, after which she started writing music. But considering the caption of the video, it is unlikely that it was her first time trying to eat a ukulele.

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The singer was recently spotted styling a short Christmas-themed red dress for her 21st birthday. She has certainly become more active on and off in recent times. Meanwhile, she has been enjoying her new love life and being engaged in PDAs. As for her eating the ukelele, perhaps Billie Eilish will be successful someday? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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