“Rejection can be the worst thing” – Millie Bobby Brown Once Shared What She Would Tell Her Younger Self While Promoting Enola Holmes

“Rejection can be the worst thing” – Millie Bobby Brown Once Shared What She Would Tell Her Younger Self While Promoting Enola Holmes

People say Millie Bobby Brown became an overnight star after she landed the role of Eleven in Stranger Things. Even though she has come a long way to pursue her dreams and find out who she wanted to be. This megastar started her career with small guest onscreen roles in shows like Modern Family and Grey’s Anatomy.

Despite being one of the most successful actors, she could not help but throw some pieces of advice to her younger self. In an old interview with Seventeen Magazine, she sat down and answered a few questions related to Enola Holmes and more.

Millie Bobby Brown talks about how to turn rejection into motivation

In 2020, Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge sat down to play the famous 17 Questions game. During the session, they were asked: “What advice would you tell your younger self?” In his response, Louis told his younger self to keep going and not quit acting while Stranger Things star agreed with him.

“Yeah, I would say the same thing, though. Rejection can be the worst thing, especially in this industry,” remarked the actress. Moreover, she gave another piece of advice saying not to be so welcoming of everyone in your life. Since her experiences have taught her many things whether it’s her career or personal life. So being an emotional person she wishes to choose people who actually love and believe in her.

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For instance, she previously shared the distributing incident when she was left in tears after being rejected. But she didn’t lose hope in herself and the talent she possessed which eventually brought her massive fandom.

Meanwhile, both these actors were promoting their movie Enola Holmes at the time in which Millie was also an executive producer. This movie was a big success on Netflix and Millie Bobby Brown was praised for her extrovert role. However, the British actress couldn’t believe that they received so much praise from viewers.

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Currently, Enola Holmes 2 is ready to make its arrival on the streaming giant on November 4, 2022. Are you excited to unravel a new mystery with the two most intelligent detectives of the time? What do you think about how a wise and lovely person this young girl has grown into? Tell us your views in the comment section.

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