Red Sneakers Make Adam Sandler Surprise ‘Hustle’ Co-Star Queen Latifah

Red Sneakers Make Adam Sandler Surprise ‘Hustle’ Co-Star Queen Latifah

We meet new people at every turn of life and some of them turn out to be our closest friends. Being an actor has many adventures as they regularly work with new people. However, actors too find friendship behind all those shooting lights and dialogue rehearsals. And star cast of the upcoming release Hustle has a great bond, as well, especially Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah.

Queen Latifah rejoiced at Adam Sandler’s gift as she reveals the backstory

During the course of Hustle’s shoot, Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah formed a great friendship and the hallmark of this bond was Sandler’s gift for Latifah. In her recent Live interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Latifah shared the story of Adam’s gift for her.

She states that earlier on the day of the interview Queen was fancied by Adam’s street-style shoes. So she complimented his red sneakers and said that she likes his footwear. When he heard that he instantly called his team and asked them to get her the same pair. Soon, the shoes were placed in her room by Adam’s team. Queen Latifah was so surprised at his generosity. 

“So he’s a good provider, and I appreciate that,” Queen added, appreciating Adam’s efforts for the people in his life. 

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What was Queen Latifah’s experience working with Adam Sandler in Hustle?

Latifah shared her happy experience with E!News on the red carpet of the Hustle movie. She said that they had a great time making this movie together as they had natural chemistry. Queen has stated before that she signed the movie because Adam was cast in it because she is the biggest fan of his humorous nature

“I love him. He loves me. We’re crazy about each other,” remarked Queen Latifah on the red carpet, talking about her friendship with the actor.

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In addition, when Kimmel asked whether she imagines Adam Sandler playing the role of her husband, she replies with a resounding “Yes!” To her, this was something obvious, for who couldn’t love the famous American comedian? Luckily for us, we will soon unravel the talks about their chemistry in the movie on June 8, 2022

Until then keep hooking to the top streaming service and enjoy the best of the storylines every day! 

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