Red Notice Is Now on Netflix – Check the Fans Frenzy Here

Red Notice Is Now on Netflix – Check the Fans Frenzy Here

It is not a surprise for anyone that Red Notice has premiered on Netflix. When you have a star cast, such as the actors in Red Notice, the filmmakers need to flex the cast. This is because there is no point in keeping them under wraps.

Also, good luck finding something that can keep Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hidden. After the movie’s release, fans can finally curb their enthusiasm, or maybe not, as we find out on Twitter.

The hype about Red Notice

While the star cast of The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot certainly add to the value of the movie, there are other aspects like Red Notice is by far Netflix’s most expensive project. The crazy action sequences and beautiful locations come at a heavy price.

The story follows an FBI profiler who needs to team up with a con artist to arrest “The Bishop”, the biggest art thief in the world. The film has over-the-top action scenes, but the focus remains on the star trio and their chemistry with each other.

Fans react to Red Notice

Gal Gadot can feature in a constipation advertisement, and the fans will still be in awe of the actress. That’s the amount of elegance the actress produces, even in action scenes. And fans were not being conservative with the appreciation.

The fun banter on Twitter between Dwayne and Ryan symbolizes their bromance in the movie as well as off-screen. Both the actors have worked in the comedy genre for a long time, with Ryan having slightly more experience. Thus, their comic timing has developed so much that they can manipulate it to please the audience.

But, one Twitter user rightly pointed out the thing common between the lead cast. They all are superheroes! And the meme he made was quite hilarious.

Celebs all around the movie

The movie not only stars some of the highest-paid celebs, but also has big fans like Hideo Kojima. Kojima is a video game creator and enjoys watching movies. The Japanese creator tweeted about him enjoying Red Notice on Netflix dubbed in Japanese. Fans know Hideo for video games like “Metal Gear Solid” and “Death Stranding”.

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Let us know in the comment section what was your reaction to Red Notice which was released on November 12 on Netflix. (November 5 for the lucky few who caught it in cinemas)

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