Red Hot! Jennifer Lopez Leaves the Internet Drooling as Darcy in Rom-Com ‘Shotgun Wedding’

Red Hot! Jennifer Lopez Leaves the Internet Drooling as Darcy in Rom-Com ‘Shotgun Wedding’

While many in the age of ’50s have retired or taken a break from acting, Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, is still making the headlines. With her recent release, Shotgun Wedding, on Prime Video, J Lo has left the fans in awe again with her performance as Darcy. Owing to her fame and stardom, J-Lo has always been a hot topic. And fans can’t seem to get enough of her with her recent rom-com release, Shotgun Wedding.

Jennifer Lopez was one of the biggest pop stars of her time. With eight studio album releases, she is amongst the most popular and renowned American musicians. Apart from an incredible career in singing, the On The Floor hitmaker has starred in countless films. Years later, it seems like J-Lo still has got the magic. As she returned to the romantic comedy genre, the singer left fans drooling with her role as Darcy.

Fans are in awe after seeing Jennifer Lopez as Darcy

Not long ago, the romantic comedy film Shotgun Wedding made its way to our screens. Directed by Jason Moore, the film features some very big names, including Josh Duhamel, Lenny Kravitz, and Jennifer Coolidge. And while all the actors did a fantastic job of keeping the fans entertained, it seems like the audience can’t seem to get enough of Jennifer as Darcy. Fans flooded Twitter following Darcy’s incredible performance, with everyone drooling over the Ain’t Your Mama singer.

Furthermore, apart from J Lo, even the movie received a decent response from the fans on Twitter. Meanwhile, the fans couldn’t help but obsess over the chemistry between J-Lo and Jennifer Coolidge.

What is the Shotgun Wedding about?

The J Lo and Josh Duhamel starrer is an American romantic comedy movie. The film stars Jennifer Lopez as Darcy and Duhamel as Tom, a couple all set to get married. While Darcy plans to have a quiet wedding, Tom, on the other hand, has some good intentions. The couple plans a destination wedding on a beautiful island in the Philippines. As Tom attempts to prove himself as the ideal boy for Darcy, things take a turn for the worse when some high-end criminals gate-crash the party.

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The romantic comedy features a huge ensemble of actors. And if you are looking for a decent romantic comedy movie to watch, you will find yourself right at home here.

Shotgun Wedding is exclusively available to stream on Prime Video. Watch the film and let us know if you guys also loved Jennifer Lopez in it.


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