Rebelde Season 2 Latest Updates – Check Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, and More

Rebelde Season 2 Latest Updates – Check Release Date, Cast, Synopsis, and More

With binge-watching taking over, there are many series that leave fans wanting a lot more and quicker than the creators can provide. One such show is Rebelde which premiered in January 2022 and fans are already looking for a season 2. Find here all updates on this Spanish teen series.

What is Rebelde Season 2 about?

Rebooted from a Mexican teen drama series that was in turn based on a Mexican Telenovela called Rebelde Way, the show revolves around a group of teenagers. The series stars Azul Guaita, Sergio Mayer Mori, Giovanna Grigio, Andrea Chaparro, Franco Masini and Alejandro Puente in the roles of Jana, Esteban, Emilia, MJ, Luka and Sebaș, respectively.

This musical drama dropped on Netflix on January 5, 2022. Since then, fans have not been able to have enough of the show with only 8 episodes, and hence- the demand for Rebelde season 2 has been high right since then.

Rebelde season 2 release date

In case fans haven’t noticed this, Netflix has been diversifying largely in terms of linguistics. Squid Game and Money Heist are two prime examples of the plan’s success. Add to this the love teenage population has for high school shows, this Spanish Netflix Original series has been a hit on the platform.

And as a result, the platform confirmed that season 2 of Rebelde will be back soon! While we do not yet know when we will see it again, fans can expect to know a release window by mid-2022.


Hey, we wanted to tell you something, but we’ll let Franco Masini say it.

In image: Oh, seriously. We will have a second season.

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What to expect from Rebelde season 2?

Season 2 of the Netflix Original will answer many unanswered questions from the first season and explore additional plotlines. Fans are looking forward to knowing whether Sebas will face any consequences for his actions. They want to learn more about the EWS. Does Luka return? Does MJ stay? In case she decides to not move, does she have a future there?

Speaking of MJ, did she and Dixon become an impossible couple before they even happened? What about Jana and Estaban? And most importantly, who is going to win the Battle of the Band championship?

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Well, you might not find the answers to these questions, but you can always go re-watch season 1 of Rebelde until season 2 arrives on Netflix.

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