Rebelde Reboot Is Now on Netflix – Check Reviews and Fans’ Reactions

Rebelde Reboot Is Now on Netflix – Check Reviews and Fans’ Reactions

The age of Renaissance brought back the glories of the past as the world needed to appreciate what once existed. Netflix probably thought, what’s the harm in rebooting a show from the past?

Hence, we have Rebelde on Netflix that has caught the eyes of many. It is a reboot of a Mexican Telenovela that was a tremendous success back in the day.

But it all comes down to the quality of the show, and how the fans perceived it. So let us look at some reviews and fan reactions for this brand new high school drama.

Rebelde Netflix Reviews

The foremost thing that makes one decide if to watch a show is the reviews. Hence, we are here to help you decide on it.

Answering the question. Whether one should stream or skip Rebelde on Netflix. Joel Keller, for Decider, writes, “STREAM IT. Rebelde is perfectly pleasant, with an appealing cast that has some pretty good chemistry off the bat. But it’s not really anything people who are fans of this genre haven’t seen before.

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According to Greg Wheeler of The Review Geek, “Despite its flaws though, Rebelde’s characters are easy to warm to and distinct enough to remember. There’s definitely some good material here but it comes with a heavy dollop of tropes and clichés. If you can go into this YA project knowing that, you’re bound to have a good time.”

Amelia Harvey for The Things writes, “Fans were left already “needing season 2” and confirming “the nostalgia was definitely there.”” 

How did fans react to this reboot of Rebelde?

One thing that people always look for in reboots is its inclusiveness. As Rebelde also featured some storylines that give representation to the LGBTQ+ community, the fans were really happy with it. Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the same.

While many appreciate the new reboot, a group of fans still believe that Rebelde Netflix is no match for the original Mexican daily soap.

While the show has many amazing characters, some audiences found a particular character very interesting. That one character is Luka.

We believe Rebelde is going to remain the talk of the town for the coming weeks. Hence, our suggestion is you stream it ASAP, so that you can brag about it in front of your peers.


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